Go Green

With higher fuel costs and growing concerns with the global carbon footprint, Peterbilt is at the forefront in the development of green technologies that help the environment by providing greater fuel savings and reducing emissions. Peterbilt is researching, developing, and testing four distinct hybrid vehicle applications and technologies, forging strategic partnerships with key partners, and integrating hybrid solutions into fuel-efficient vehicle designs.

Peterbilt Green Technologies

Peterbilt model 335 Medium Duty Hybrids.
The Peterbilt medium-duty Model 335 trucks feature the Eaton Hybrid Drive System and provide up to an 80% reduction in engine idling and up to a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency.
Peterbilt Class 8 Heavy Duty Class 8 trucks with
Westport LNG conversion.
Peterbilt Class 8 truck models can now be built to your specifications, including the Westport Innovations LNG system with a Cummins ISX engine, available with 400 and 450 horsepower ratings.
Peterbilt tractor Heavy-duty Peterbilt
Hybrid Electric tractors.
Already fuel efficient in its aerodynamic styling, the Model 386 Hybrid Electric increases fuel efficiency by harnessing the energy normally lost during braking, then using this stored energy to provide power to the engine, HVAC and vehicle electric systems. Available 2010.
Peterbilt model 320 Peterbilt Model 320 with CNG
or LNG powered engines.
The Peterbilt Model 320 can be built to your specifications including a factory-installed Cummins ISLG engine with your choice of either a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or an LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) fuel system.
Peterbilt model 320 Hydraulic Model 320 Hydraulic Hybrid
The Model 320 Hybrid trucks feature the Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist System and utilize components that provide up to a 30% improvement in fuel economy, a 40% reduction in emissions and a 50% reduction in brake wear. It can also offer up to a 30% improvement in acceleration. This truck is ideally suite for vocational and stop-and-go applications.