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Retrofit Technologies

Let Rush Truck Centers help retrofit your truck
or bus to meet EPA and CARB standards.

Retrofit Technologies. Choose from these SmartWay approved aftermarket retrofit technologies for your truck or bus - anti-idle auxiliary power units and electric power units, diesel particulate filters, diesel oxidation catalysts, engine pre-heaters and closed crankcase ventilation filters.
Idle Reduction Emission Reduction Tires, Wheels and Tire Inflation

Retrofit Installations. Not only do we carry the best in SmartWay components, anti-idle systems and DPF retrofit technologies, we can install them at any of our state-of-the-art locations across the southern United States. Our select crew of ASE-certified service technicians are factory trained and certified by manufacturers and aftermarket component suppliers to perform authorized installation work.

Idle Reduction


Webasto BlueCool
Webasto BlueCool System.
The Webasto BlueCool Truck Cold Energy Storage provides sustained engine-off comfort, fuel savings and a high return on investment. Find out more at: Webasto BlueCool Website


Bergstrom NITE Plus
Bergstrom NITE Plus
Cooling and Heating System.

The smart solution to overnight idling: Idling reduction is not only a necessity due to the high cost of fuel, it is also a requirement in many areas. Find out more at: Nite Plus Website


Webasto Bunk Heater
Webasto Bunk heaters
Webasto truck cab ?engine-off? auxiliary heaters offer a smart, affordable solution to one of the trucking in-dustry's most complex and costly issues: unnecessary idling. Find out more at: Webasto Bunk Heaters Website

Espar Bunk Heater
Espar Bunk heaters
Espar Heater Systems manufactures diesel-fired heat-ing systems to provide cab and sleeper heat in trucks, eliminating the aneed to idle the engine for heat.Find out more at: Espar Website


Webasto Engine Coolant Pre-Heater
Webasto Engine Coolant Pre-Heater
Webasto engine preheat systems "engine-off" auxiliary heaters offer a smart, affordable solution to one of the trucking industry's most complex and costly issues: unnecessary idling. Find out more at: Webasto Website

Espar Engine Coolant Pre-Heater

Espar Engine Coolant Pre-Heater
Espar's engine pre-heaters can get your truck up and running without idling - reducing expensive downtime and eliminating "white smoke". Find out more at: Espar Website

Emission Reduction


ECS AZ Purimuffler
Engine Control Systems AZ Purimuffler DOC
AZ Purimufflers offer an industry leading, EPA verified 20-40% PM (Particulate Matter) reduction* values depending upon on the application. Find out more at: Engine Control Systems Website

ECS AZ Purifier DOC
Engine Control Systems AZ Purifier DOC
The AZ Purifier also reduces particulate matter by 20-40% and is ideal for applications where there is insufficient room for the installation of an integrated coverted muffler. Find out more at:
Engine Control Systems Website


ECS Crankcase
Engine Control Systems
Closed Crankcase Ventilation System
Unlike exhaust emissions, crankcase gases normally escape into the environment through the crankcase vent tube. The ECS CCV is a truly closed CCV system which eliminates 100% of crankcase emissions. Find out more at:
Engine Control Systems Website

Tires, Wheels and Tire Inflation


Accuride Aluminum Wheels
Accuride Aluminum Wheels
Forged from a single piece of aluminum, Accuride aluminum wheels are engineered to be lightweight and provide enhanced performance advantages including weight savings, low maintenance, and lower operating cost. Find out more at:
Accuride Wheels Website

Alcoa Aluminum Wheels
Alcoa Aluminum Wheels
No one has more aluminum wheel know-how than Alcoa, the world leader in aluminum technology. The one-piece construction and load rating up to 2780 pounds say durable Alcoa forged wheel strength. Alcoa aluminum wheels are naturally corrosion resistant. No sandblasting, no priming, no painting - ever. Find out more at:
Alcoa Wheels Website


Low Resistance Tires

Tire rolling resistance accounts for nearly 13% oftruck energy use. Specifying single wide-base tires on a new combination truck could save $1,000 initially, and cut over four metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Fuel savings of 2% or higher begin immediately. Find out which low rolling resistance tires are
SmartWay Verified Tires.
Learn about the Smartway
verified tires we carry here:

Bridgestone Website Michelin Website Yokohama Website


Auto Tire Inflation
Arvin Meritor MTIS
More than 80% of fleet tire problems are caused by improper inflation. In fact, tires represent the second largest financial expenditure for most fleets. The Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI is an automatic tire inflation system that uses compressed air from the trailer's air system to inflate any tire that falls below a preset pressure whenever the vehicle is in operation. Find out more at: ArvinMeritor Website